Marking World Wildlife Day 2016 In Mombasa, Kenya.

On 3rd March 2016, the World celebrated the existence of wildlife, putting an emphasis on their rights to exist peacefully. The day’s theme “the future of wild animals is in our hands”, was a direct message to humanity, to refrain from activities that endanger their peaceful existence. In the Coastal City of Mombasa, the day […]

OECPR 2016

I witnessed an exciting and busy week in Nairobi from 15th – 19th February. History was being written at the United Nations complex in Gigiri; the headquarters of the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), the world’s highest decision making body on environment. That week saw more than 400 senior government officials from the member states, gather […]

Flooding River

911 is probably the most recognized stress or emergency number, used to call the fire brigade, ambulance service or police personnel. You only call this number when there’s a problem. In these contemporary times, we are receiving a continuous call on this number – it is not a person calling, it is the environment. For many years we have […]