Reflections of a First-Time Attendee to the Fourth edition of UNEA

From early morning Major Groups briefings to late evening deliberations, and from attending various side events to listening attentively to country-specific national statements! The first week was characterized by the Major Group (7-8 March); and The UN Science-Policy Business Forum on the environment (8-10 March)… a moment of darkness overshadowed and dampened hopes in light of the unfortunate crash that claimed 157 lives, including some intending to attend the #UNEA4

On the morning of 12th March 2019, at the sidelines of the Fourth United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA4), the Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability in Africa (CYNESA) and Brahma Kumaris co-hosted an event titled, Lifestyle Changes based on Values and Ethics – The Role of Faith in promoting Sustainable Consumption and Innovative Technology. This side […]

La quatrième Assemblée des Nations unies pour l’environnement a débuté aujourd’hui le 11 Mars 2019. Le thème de cette année est: “Des solutions innovantes pour relever les défis environnementaux et garantir la consommation et la production durables.” Deux conférences  ont précédée l’Assemblée durant la semaine passée à savoir : “Major Group Stakeholders Forum” et “Science-Policy-Business Forum”.  […]