Inger Andersen (Executive Director, UNEP): “Bring Ecology into the Houses of Worship and Houses of Worship Into UNEA”

One of the most refreshing perspectives from Ms. Andersen’s response was the importance of “bringing ecology into the houses of worship and, of course, houses of worship into UNEA…” This view resonated well with the urge that Pope Francis expressed in paragraph 14 of Laudato Si about “a conversation which includes everyone…”

CYNESA Team at St. Ambrose

Happening against the backdrop of the unprecedented times of COVID 19 devastation and uncertainties, COP26 was touted as the ‘make or break’ summit in addressing the more frequent catastrophic events connected to climate change. It is however appalling that a clear divide was still apparent at COP26, as some countries came with a monochromatic objective […]