Be Praised, My Lord (POEM)


Be praised, my Lord

For being this bold

To speak to our hearts so cold

About evils we personally hold

And with our acts have extolled

Valuing them more than gold

Our morals we have sold


Be praised, my Lord

For your servant you have told

We need to our hearts remould

According to your word

And grace untold

For the salvation of our world

As your servant has implored


Be praised, my Lord

For your bold servant

And for us your servants

That are just but remnants

Of your unending grants

Through animals and plants

That man recklessly haunts


Be praised, my Lord

For you constantly remind

Every constituent of mankind

To be just just and kind

To the fore and the hind

Even as our lives unwind

Through darkness of blind


Be praised, my Lord

For making me a steward

Inviting me to steward

That which you reward

Mother earth with from mud

Despite acting mad,

Making you constantly sad


Be praised, my Lord

For expressing your stand

About the works of your hand

Seeking of us nothing grand

But actions at hand

To heal both sea and land

By Francis’ encyclical we stand




Poem by:

David N. Munene,

Programs Manager, CYNESA.


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