CYNESA Advocacy In Mombasa On Caring For Our Common Home

On 19th September, volunteers from The Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability in Africa (CYNESA) in Mombasa-Kenya, took on their high spirits to advocate for conserving and protecting the environment in Mbuyuni village, Jomvu Constituency.

This was in response to a need raised by pupils of Joy Star Community School; their playing field and school compound had been turned into a dumping site by the residents.

According to the Matron of the school, Mrs Rebecca Sawa, the pupils, out of curiosity about the site, ended up spending their time after school there-in the garbage, trying to find anything that will entice them, putting their health at risk of contaminating diseases.

The CYNESA team mobilised the residents and the community leaders to respond to this need and around 8.a.m that Saturday, residents gathered at the site, armed with slashes, ‘pangas’, ‘jembes’, rakes and anything that could help clear the garbage.

The work was done to satisfaction.

IMG_20150919_115219Thereafter, the team gathered under trees where they took time to share with the residents about the hazards associated with improper waste disposal as well as the impacts of failure to care for the environment; our common home.

A very informative discussion erupted, which in the end settled into one conclusion: It is everyone’s responsibility to care, conserve and protect the environment.

IMG_20150919_123237It was also very encouraging to see residents accept their faults, which had led to the dumping site. They resolved to first challenge themselves to change their dumping habits and then influence those around them to follow suit.

Pupils of this school became the main motivators of the day; presenting incredible poems and songs aimed at advocating for a positive interaction with the environment.

Finally the residents expressed their gratitude to CYNESA and urged them to organize another community advocacy campaign to help them continue learning more on caring for the environment!.



Article by:

Kelly Ngeti,

Coast Region Coordinator, CYNESA Kenya Chapter.


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