CYNESA Tanzania and the Season of Creation

On August 26th, 2016 a CYNESA meeting was held at Loyola High School, Dar es salaam, Tanzania. Those in attendance were CYNESA members from the High School together with their supervisor Madam Farijo Lupaya, CYNESA members who had already graduated, Mr. Desdery Moses, the leader of CYNESA TZ as well as Br. Kang’ethe from the Society of Jesus (SJ) who shared his insightful comments on the best ways to engage in CYNESA activities insisting of more practical participation.

The meeting room was filled with ideas as students shared what inspired them to join CYNESA, contributed their experience being in CYNESA and the great ideas that they had for the future.

Among matters discussed was the Season of Creation and heeding the call of Pope Francis to pray for creation. Suggestions were given that the prayer of creation be read during Mass at school, every student would be asked to reduce their ecological footprint by reducing their littering at school and in their home environment as well as spread the word to other youth in Tanzania to be aware about their environment and play part in protecting it throughout the season and beyond.

Since the students are each blessed with different talents, an idea was brought forward that youths should utilize their talents such as drawing, singing and dancing to bring awareness to the community about our environment and conserving it. The target being retaining the beautiful natural order of our environment for the benefit of us and future mankind.

So as we are in the Season of Creation, Tanzanian youths are playing their part actively in achieving the aims of this season which were to Pray, Reflect, Reducing Ecological Footprints and Advocate.

Chihema Johnson Mhando - Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability in Africa (CYNESA)


Written By:

Chihema Johnson Mhando,

CYNESA Tanzania.


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