Going Green for the Lord

God calls us to be His co-creators and co-protectors of our world.

Psalm 8 is a psalm of praise and thanksgiving to God for his creation. God is praised as a ‘majestic Lord’ world over especially by those who recognize his greatness. We may ask ourselves: what is this greatness of God that makes the psalmist praise him thus? Two things come out clear: firstly, God is great because he protects his people from their enemies and secondly, God is great because he is the creator of the universe. The greatness of God is clearly in the works of his hands. He is the giver of life to all creatures and as well the protector of what He has created. He is therefore a God who is faithful to his creation.

The psalm talks about the place of man in the creation. The psalmist tells us that of all his creation, God made man a little less than Himself: “you have made him little lower than the heavenly beings”(v5). Man is thus given the power to collaborate in the creation by governing the world. Man is given the power to be the lord of the works of God on earth. In other words, man is elevated by God to share in His majestic goodness by governing the created things and as well by protecting them. What does this power mean for man? Does it mean that he can do whatever he wants here on earth since he has been given the power to rule and govern? What would this mean to us the young people of today’s world? What power and responsibility do we possess in our world today especially pertaining to protecting our environment?

People utilising Mukuvisi river
People utilising Mukuvisi river

By virtue of being made little less than a god and given the power to govern the created things, human beings are called to act majestically just like the Creator. We are called to treat the created things in the manner that God would want us to do. The work of our hands on this earth must reflect the majestic nature of our divine calling. The way we treat the environment and all other living things must reflect the nature of God, He who made us ‘a little lower than heavenly beings.

Having power of all created things does not mean having the green light to destroy creation, instead it means having power to positively change the world for better. It means striving by all means to protect our tomorrow by taking care of the creation of today. God gave us the power so that we like Him, may protect and continue creating the world.

As Christians, we should be the ones on the front line in working towards the protection of our environment. It is upon us to preserve our environment as testament of the beauty of God’s creation. Environmental problems are as real and they need quick and intelligent solutions. Natural hazards have ravaged the world especially in Africa, leaving behind a trail of damage.

Let us all unite in being what God wants us to be, that is ‘little lower than heavenly beings’, meaning being co-creators and co-protectors of this world as young Catholics.



EverjoyArticle by:

Everjoy Chiimba
Holy Trinity – Kuwadzana.

This article first appeared on Catholic Commission for Justic and Peace-Harare, Newsletter 15th Issue.


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