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Green Up.…Hapa Kazi Tu Slogan

“Hapa kazi tu!” is a popular slogan in Tanzania that is becoming more and more famous across the world. It was uttered frequently by the president of The Republic of Tanzania, Dr. John Pombe Magufuli during his campaign for the presidential elections of 2016. The first thing that came to my mind after hearing the slogan was a direct indication of his regime that stands for hard work and productivity as well as what his government would be demanding from us in return.

I must admit I am impressed with his tremendous effort in sticking to his slogan and backing it up with actions; so far, so good. Although I still feel that something is missing!!! With that comment I guess someone may think ill of me right now; but hold on a moment, take a deep breath before jumping into that conclusion. Here is why!!….. It’s because I don’t see our MPs, political leaders and you our president stressing or addressing sustainable action on the JIPU climate change. It’s understandable if you put much effort on development. But prioritizing development over the environment is like ignoring the need for sustainability. All the efforts will be in vain because nature influences everything.

Some will argue that our contribution to the climate change crisis (Jipu) is very low compared to the developed countries. It’s true, but “the impacts of climate change, are not evenly distributed. The poorest countries and their people suffer first and the most. “And if and when the damage appears, it will be too late to reverse the process” said Stern Review on the Economic of Climate Change. Furthermore, the MPs can argue it’s the work of the environmental ministry, but people in their regions are facing more extreme weather linked to the climate change crisis (Jipu); floods, drought, heavy rainfall, rising of the sea level just to mention the few. In the communities in our country, the world at large the climate change crisis (Jipu) is growing intensively by creating human sufferings and it’s costing them so much.

Getrude Clement - Opening Ceremony of the High-Level Event for the Signature of the Paris Agreement
Ms. Getrude Clement, Youth Representative from Tanzania at the opening of the High-level Signature Ceremony for the Paris Agreement.
UN Photo/Rick Bajornas.

Today, the Climate Change Crisis is widely known to us as youths. As 16 year old Getrude Clement from Mwanza-Tanzania articulated in her speech at the signing ceremony of the Paris Climate agreement at UN Headquarters in New York, “Climate Change threatens our lives, our health as well as our education. You may think that we are too young to know the risks and reality of Climate Change, but we see it in our daily lives”. Our thirst is to see the slogan Hapa Kazi Tu; stressing, addressing and acting on the Climate Change Crisis (Jipu), for the young adults of Tanzania and many generations to come will look forward to the actions of putting our survival and theirs at the top of your priority.

It can be concluded that it’s not an easy task or thing to do, thus everyone is called to act and make a change and it’s now or never. Everyone’s contribution is needed and counted on in the pursuing of a sustainable future, and we can always make a difference in our own lives and lifestyle.


Yasinta Wandiba - Catholic Youth Network For Environmental Sustainability In Africa - Tanzania


Written By:

Yasinta Wandiba,

Country Director – CYNESA Tanzania



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