Laudato Si week reminds us of the need to reflect our actions towards the environment. The encyclical on environment was launched in June 2015 in Rome. 100 young people were invited to attend the global event. Four CYNESA members were able to attend and engage with other faith leaders across the world. This gave CYNESA great ownership of the encyclical and since then it has been involved greatly in reading, reflecting and encouraging meaningful discussions with young people around the same. These discussions are aimed at creating awareness and provoking local actions addressing climate change and environmental degradation among the youth.

Laudato Si and Young people

The Encyclical on the environment has been a motivation for young people to do more, act more and live simply. Young people across the world have read the document and are motivated to take action. This document was released at a crucial time when the earth needed a voice to wake people up on the urgent need to take care of our common home.  During the Rome convergence in 2015, 100 young people from across the globe had the opportunity to share the environmental challenges faced in their different localities and develop actions plans to address these challenges. The young people were from different faith groups and therefore addressing the need for religion to work together in realizing a clean and safe environment for all.

Laudato Si and CYNESA

Since the official launch of the encyclical Laudato Si, CYNESA has been greatly involved in reading, reflecting and trying to understand it. The document then became a foundation of our work as CYNESA and in most times it is being used in the formation of new members. CYNESA has been involved in giving out copies of Laudato SI to young people and schools as well so that they can read, understand and make a difference. They have also been able to talk about it in different conferences, seminars, events and formal/informal meetings. The climax being the 4th Laudato Si conference that was held in Nairobi in July 2019 at the United Nations in Gigiri. This event brought together over 60 young people from across the globe. It was organized by CYNESA in collaboration with the Dicastery for promoting integral human development, Faith for Earth movement and WWF.

Laudato Si week 2021

This week which has just been concluded was involved with a series of events including CYNESA formation meetings and a number of videos done by CYNESA members. The week acts as a reminder that we all have a role to play in caring for our common home and each year means we need to do more, act more and live Laudato Si more…. There were also a series of webinars and other virtual meetings that CYNESA members took part in during the week as a way of engaging with other faith leaders and developing concrete actions plans of working together.

The Future of Laudato Si

The last 6 years have proven that the future of the encyclical has immense opportunities due to the urgent need to heal our broken earth. There are great opportunities especially among the faith communities and the youth. There is space to do more and engage more especially towards the inclusion of children, women and the physically challenged in our society. Laudato SI gives us an opportunity to interact more, observe more, document more and acquire creative and more innovative ways of nurturing our mother earth. It’s a document for now and for the future.  The challenge is in getting as many people aware and involved as possible. God bless CYNESA and the amazing work they are doing to make this possible.



Written by:

Anne Kirori,

CYNESA, Kenya.


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