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Standing with the People of the Amazon

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We, the people of the world,

Implore you keepers of the lungs of our common home,

To forgive us all for abandoning you,

For not fighting for you

For not fighting with you

Even when we did not fight against you


When you, to keep us alive, fought,

We left to and for you the fight

We ignorantly and foolishly thought

That to keep yourselves alive you fought

We urge you the Munduruku and the Makuna

The Matis, the Amahuaca, and the Apurinã,

The Barasana, the Catauxi, the Deni, and the Hupda,

All of you! To please pardon our inertia


Your tears are our tears,

Your fears – resoundingly our fears,

Their jeers to you echo horridly in our ears

The wailing souls of the giant anteaters,

The weeping spirits of the macaws,

The furious lives of the conifers,

In union, in communion, so much hurt our hearts


From lands afar,

Bound by one common home

United by our common human ancestry

Vow to fight with you for the Amazon

Encourage you not to relent

We stand with the Amazonia

Her peoples, her animals, her plants, her life!


David Munene - CYNESAPoem By:

David N. Munene,

CYNESA Programs Manager.



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