Africa Our Common Home

Africa ~ Caring For Our Common Home

Other continents often admire our African continent because of the natural resources we have been blessed with, like different types of trees, rivers, lakes, mineral and our unique animals. But it is sad to note that many a times, we have failed to take care of these gifts due to our increasing demand of our […]

Green Anglicans - International Discipleship and Climate Change Conference Zambia

The Anglican Church of Southern Africa’s Environmental Network (Green Anglicans) together with the Anglican Province of Central Africa, hosted 75 young participants on a week-long conference in Zambia on Youth Discipleship and Climate Change, on the 4th to 11th April 2016. The conference was held at the Pastoral Centre of the Archdiocese of Lusaka. Participants had […]

There are many speculations surrounding load shedding in Zambia. Some people associate it to leadership failure while others feel it is a natural occurrence that will pass.  This write up, however, gives a reflection on load shedding from a young, African, Catholic’s perspective in relation to climate change. Majority of Zambians depend on hydroelectric power […]