Green Sunday CYNESA Zimbabwe participants

The Green Sunday ~ Celebrating Young People Caring for the Environment in Zimbabwe

Throwing away food is like stealing from the tables of the poor, the hungry! – Pope Francis Armored with the zeal to raise awareness on how as young Catholics, we can live in harmony with our common home, CYNESA Zimbabwe joined forces with Magis and Integral Youth Development (IYD), to put into motion the “Green […]

Floods in Zimbabwe - 2017

(Photo Credit: The Zimbabwe Mail) This season, Zimbabwe has experienced excessive amounts of rain unlike preceding years, that have unfortunately led to floods, devastating the country. The Minister of Local Government, Saviour Kasukuwere, said in a statement earlier this month that 246 people have been killed by the floods with about 2000 homes destroyed in the country, particularly but […]

Flooding River

911 is probably the most recognized stress or emergency number, used to call the fire brigade, ambulance service or police personnel. You only call this number when there’s a problem. In these contemporary times, we are receiving a continuous call on this number – it is not a person calling, it is the environment. For many years we have […]

It was during the last week of September, that we landed in Zimbabwe for our third and ultimate part of the Faith Leaders Environmental Advocacy Training (FLEAT), offered by the Southern African Faith Communities’ Environmental Institute (SAFCEI). Before the training kicked off, the ‘CYNESA-FLEAT’ team represented by Allen, David and Kelly (Kenya) and myself (Tanzania) arranged a meeting with a group of […]