The Beauty and the Beast of Nature (Poem)

Wording, if only it were enough!
See I love taking pictures of the greenery around my college campus particularly after it rains,
It’s like it has poured and wiped all worldly stains, or lets say like nature has just taken a bath in plain,
So clean and clear, the green, so vivid almost like it’s calling out to you,
And as the grey clouds pave way for sky that’s blue,
So when i sat in class one day at my favorite spot next to the window to get my usual view,
I took out my phone to snap a pic of the scenery outside where i watched the mix of the mother nature stew,
The rain had just stopped, the earth still wet,
just perfect view and beautiful set,
But to my dismay as I zoomed in to take a clear shot I didn’t want to miss,
I noticed a dark heavy smoke in the background midst,
My mind immediately took in the scene as that of the Beauty and the Beast,
Only this Beast shall never turn into a handsome prince,
Such cruel truth is all around us.
We see wonderful nature at its best,
and soon enough, take in the site of the Beast.
The Beast that soon will bring the nature’s doomsday,
I have a question to ask. What is it really going to take to make the Beast go away? To rescue the Beauty before she dies on us?
For if she dies, we shall all eventually die by breaking her loyal trust.

Chihema Johnson Mhando - Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability in Africa (CYNESA)


Poem Written By:

Chihema Johnson Mhando,

CYNESA Tanzania.


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