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The Marangu Experience

“Caring for creation” is a short phrase with deep meaning. It is not possible to achieve by just caring for the environment as an individual, but also sharing this knowledge. Only through sharing with others, will we be able to raise more awareness hence cause a more positive impact on the environment by more people being informed.

Well aware of this, few members of the CYNESA Tanzania Chapter led by our Executive director Mr. Ottaro together with Mr. Moses, the head of CYNESA Tanzania attended the Young Catholic Students Easter Conference held at Marangu Secondary School during the Easter weekend. We were honored by our hosts, with an opportunity to speak to the multitude of students that attended the event.

In this we shared a lot with them including what the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are, the call for Laudato Si, CITES and wildlife facing the danger of extinction in general together with how they, as a youth and students, can participate in raising awareness about the threat our natural environment is facing.

Chihema moderates and interactive session with the participants of Tanzania Young Catholic Students Easter Conference.
Chihema moderates and interactive session with the participants.

Youth have an abundance of energy and talents that can be used exhaustively for a great course such as this. The only thing holding most students back is fear. Fear of challenges to be faced. Fear of failure. Fear of seeming to be different. Fear of Change. Good or bad the change may be, but still the unknown is the most frightful thing for youth of today. This is why I was humbled to speak to the students about my experience with CYNESA during my time as a high school student. I shared how I was able to participate in various events and activities regardless of the factor that i was just a mere young student like anybody else.

I desired to have them see in themselves what we see in them. Power! The ability to raise their voices as one and speak for the defenseless mother nature. Nature that has done nothing but bless us with so much that we need for our survival. To take action on behalf of the wildlife that are dying every single day. The forests that get cleared and the water sources that are destroyed daily. See in themselves the potential they hold in using their skills and talents and energy. All their virtues for the sake of defending God’s creation.

Fr Kadio presents a gift to a participant after an ecoquiz sponsored by CYNESA.
Fr Kadio presents a gift to a participant after an ecoquiz sponsored by CYNESA.

The instant feedback from the students amazed and gave us hope. Hope that we have planted a good seed. A seed that shall hopefully give birth to a fruitful tree. A tree of care and love for nature.

If today’s youth decide to be a positive impact on the environment, their is a certainty in a greener and safer future. We shall have no worry that future generations will inherit the environmental friendly attributes of those before them.

So until then, let us keep reaching out to as many youth as we can. Educate them as much as we can. Get them involved as much as we can. Simply because they can, and it is only together that we can!

Chihema Johnson Mhando - Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability in Africa (CYNESA)


Written By:

Chihema Johnson Mhando,

CYNESA Tanzania.


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