George Akutsam

Tribute to George Akutsam

By Joanne Adah

My encounter with you was at the CYNESA Prep Comm Meeting. Penning a tribute to you makes it dawn on me you were gone.

I wish I could just send you a message and I would get a reply from you.
I remembered how you made us laugh, during the meeting with your short jokes, that served as a comic relief to ease the tension during the meeting. When we were told you and I might be travelling together, I didn’t know you then but I was happy I would be travelling with a very lively and down to earth gentleman. I didn’t care I would be going to a foreign land because I knew I had an angel in human form going with me.

George you made me laugh even in your pain and am eternally grateful to you for that. You asked us not to weep at your grave because you died but because the world misses someone great, but I am part of that world, your friends are part of that world, your family members are part of that world. All of us as are part of that world and we all will miss you.

You lived your life once, and you lived it right, and it was just more than enough.

The world will definitely miss someone great like you!



By Chimezie Udechukwu:

*We Weep Not though our hearts Quake: Tribute to George Akutsam*

To everything under the earth, there is a time allotted to it – time to be born, a time to die; but for some, the time to die is shorter to the eyes of, and in the minds of many. For you George this assertion is true.

Yes, for who dies in his prime when the world is just waking up to his birth?
Who leaves the stage when the ovation is still in the works?
Who takes a bow when the first act of the first scene is yet done?

But, swiftly time passes; for a thousand ages in God’s sight are like an evening gone, short as the watch that ends the night before the rising sun.

Dear brother, your story is one of many triumphs and it is quite pleasing for me and indeed for many to have been blessed by your outward expression of your faith in Christ. You have shown courage, you have exhibited resilience and through your craft, you have demonstrated that indeed God is not dead so much so that even when life is short and we live our lives in accordance with God’s will, then life itself becomes meaningful.

Your life is a testament that God is still in the business of of raising the lowly and making them sit with kings because you indeed were diligent in with your talents and you did dine with Kings and Princes here on earth as we know you have begun dining with the Heavenly Princes.

My friend, you admonished us like one who had a foretaste of your transition, not to weep because you have gone, but to cry because the world had lost a great man and rightly so it is! Indeed the world has lost not just a great man, it has been robbed of a rare gem, deprived of a quintessential gentleman, a fine orator, an amazing poet, a wordsmith per excellence!

But, most importantly, the Youths of Church of the Assumption, Falomo have lost their indefatigable leader. The CYON Lagos Archdiocese have lost a formidable youth advocate; CYNESA Nigeria has lost an environmental champion and I have lost a colleague, friend and brother.

From all of us here, sleep on and enjoy your reunion with your mum while you entertain the heavenly courts with the finest of your talents.

Fare thee well George Akutsam. You will always be fondly remembered.



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