UNEA 4 Beautiful and Diversified!

UNEA 4 Beautiful and Diversified!

It is interesting to know that the UN Environment recognizes the young people and even children, and creates a forum for their voices to be heard. The international system is open to engaging the youth in its advancements. In all forums I participated in, my perspective of the youth lacking voices was changed. This is because I came to understand that in most of the forums available, the youth are only interested in those that will earn them a living, which is disheartening. If the church is ready to listen to the voices of the young, then the youth should establish ways of getting their cries heard and addressed. The youth are a moment of growth, who should be rooted in the wisdom of the aged.

Mercy following proceedings at the #UNEA4 Green Tent for Major Groups and Stakeholders

NGOs, the youth and children play a vital role in the international community in the sense that they come up with great ideas on how to move on with a sustainable environment. They are the game changers of how the move forward should be. Therefore, when engaging in forums such as UNEA, they should act earlier on what they would want to achieve during the forum. This will be achieved if the organizations know what their goals are and thus should do S.W.O.T analysis of its members. It is intriguing that member states are open to listening to these voices. The Major Groups, Children and youth were therefore encouraged to learn the art of lobbying, especially before the event itself so that their ideas are put forward by the member states they lobby.

“Do not forget to take care of the people, planet, and families.” It was just a statement when made by Joyce Msuya, but its depth went beyond my being by the end of UNEA 4. Listening to what the children were advocating for was exactly what addressed this statement. They advocated for all that addressed in Joyce Msuya’s statement. The children make the world beautiful, and more interesting to live in. Their innocent minds but their deep thoughts challenge your being. Thinking of what a child could do, carry water from wherever in the world just to keep a tree alive is beautiful, even in the midst of the resolution on deforestation failing to be passed. To them, it would just be for the beauty of the tree, but this goes to the greater depths of improving the soil state by holding the particles together and thus reduce soil degradation.

In addition, it was a learning moment on matters of caring for the environment. An interesting fact is that the issue of caring for the environment is mentioned 722 times in the Bible. As much as I thought that incineration is a good way of getting rid of plastic, I was challenged that it is not. It was a moment to learn and think deeper on what solution then, would be more suitable. Therefore, we should all join hands and make the world more beautiful by working towards coming up with better ideas of achieving environmental sustainability.

Written By:

Mercy Munene



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