Who Stewards Francesco? (Poem)

The Holy Father is taking care of us

Challenging and thrilling the world

Easing and calming the global fuss

Even with a simple word

He sounds like a global nurse

Seeking justice for the hairy and the bald


Soaring beyond the chronicles of faith

Toppling incarcerating principles of birth

The Holy Father is changing Mother Earth

And Mother Earth tightens her girth

To embrace this newly-found mirth

Like water flowing through a firth


But I wonder

Who is this that is bolder

In human skin and not older

That stewards and takes care of Papa?

Or is it give and give for him?

And take and take for us?


What if no one except Christ

Thinks of putting Francesco first

And she or he last

Like Papa has done in the past

Without going aghast

Despite many an ungodly blast?



Poem by:

David N. Munene,

Programs Manager, CYNESA.



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