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Ms. Carmen Gloria Mizero - CYNESA Burundi Deputy Country Director – Burundi.

Ms. Carmen Gloria Mizero

Deputy Country Director – Burundi


My name is Carmen Gloria Mizero, and I serve as the Deputy Country Director at CYNESA-Burundi. I was born in Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi.

I became a leader when I was in Form Three. I was part of the choir, as well as in charge of spirituality for two years. I was also part of the leadership of a movement called “ Jeunesse Lumiére”, for three years, and later joined a cultural dance club.

I  am a Development Communication Graduate, from the Faculty of Communication Sciences, at the Light University of Bujumbura. Since college, I volunteered in the supervision of street children. This mission up to date, is accomplished by Catholic scholars gathered in the Inter Catholic family. Being part of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal leaders of our parish also helped me to be more faithful and responsible, as I honed my leadership skills.

In 2013, I met Leila Micheline Butoyi, the CYNESA-Burundi Country Director. We were studying at the same university and same faculty but I was 2 years ahead. We also had several friends in common which helped us to keep in touch. In December 2013, Leila left the country and came back in July of 2014 to start CYNESA-Burundi. By that time, I was unaware about what she was doing and it is just in November 2014 that I came to know that she was preparing a workshop on environment issues. I asked her if I could get the chance to participate in the workshop and happily she accepted my request. That is how my CYNESA-Burundi journey started.

After the training, I discovered how humans are responsible for climate change. I felt challenged because it is my duty to protect our Mother-Earth, and as a Christian, it is a responsibility that the Lord has given us. I gradually met more activists through different initiatives such the Fast For Climate campaign, and GCCM. Joining CYNESA-Burundi gave me the opportunity to experience precious moments of prayer, to remember, and to be in solidarity with the most vulnerable and the poor.

We have not been able to work and achieve our goals as we would have wanted, but my passion and my will to protect the environment grows day by day.  I am committed to raise awareness on environmental issues, to advocate, to sensitize and to educate young Burundians through my CYNESA-Burundi family. I am proud be part of this family called “CYNESA- Burundi” and I know that the Lord will grant us peace in order to exercise our functions.

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